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The salon uses sterilized nail equipment and follows policies and procedures to ensure hygienic and aesthetic pedicure and manicures for people with diabetes, according to the team. Nail technicians undergo training to practice sterile nail care for clients with circulation problems, cancer, autoimmune diseases, the elderly population and diabetes. Gail Morris, of Mesquite, is a client and patient. "If you have an issue or something, Dr. Galperin is right there and can take a look at it," Morris said. Raza explains that the idea was spawned while brainstorming prevention and education methods for diabetic patients. "If they are coming regularly to the nail salon to get their nails check, someone is overseeing their care, their foot care," Raza said. The salon isn't just for diabetic patients. Video Study: More Than 1 in 5 U.S. Men Have Cancer-Causing HPV Christy Wiggins received a cut during a pedicure at a different salon.

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